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My fanfiction, demotivational posters, and extremely crappy drawings and cosplay photos.


My favorite fanfiction, fanart, and random shit ever!! :heart:



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Stamps 'N Crap

APH: Austria and Hungary by bubblymilktea RusUkr Stamp by SummerLovesPeace A stamp for PruCan dreamers by ChainOfDreams Boots Stamp - SILVER VERSION by MasterGallade Dirty Little Secret APH Stamp by HokaidoPlanet FOR TEH KOLZ. by jocund-slumber uuuoooooh by Soubixcos APH: Antonio x Lovino Stamp by Chibikaede APH: I love Natalia Stamp by Chibikaede APH: Ivan x Yao Stamp by Chibikaede APH: Liech x Vash Stamp by Chibikaede :thumb157186294: APH:Roderich x Elizabeta Stamp by Chibikaede APH: Feliks x Toris Stamp by Chibikaede Marukaite Chikyuu by dragon-sigma APH: I love Berwald Stamp by Chibikaede al x cats by sugarbearkitty APH: I love Roderich Stamp by Chibikaede APH: Arthur x Alfred Stamp by Chibikaede :thumb173642167: APH: I love Feliks Stamp by Chibikaede APH: I love Heracles Stamp by Chibikaede APH: I love Ivan Stamp by Chibikaede APH: Ludwig x Feliciano Stamp by Chibikaede APH: I love Vash Stamp by Chibikaede APH: Allies Stamp by Chibikaede APH: Axis Stamp by Chibikaede APH:I love Liechtenstein Stamp by Chibikaede APH: I love Arthur Stamp by Chibikaede I like Yaoi Yuri Hetero Stamp by whoot-hoot-party anti porn abuse stamp by 88angel-vivi88 Gay Pride Stamp by QueenNocturne seychelles x france stamp by crazysistahs APH: Russia and Belarus by bubblymilktea Hetalia Nordics Stamp by AkiraNoru APH: Denmark x Norway Stamp by Chibikaede APH: Norway x Iceland Stamp by Chibikaede :thumb167512474: Scotland, France+England Stamp by Serza5 William x Grell Stamp by Narukami90 Russia Stamp by Lindajing One hell of a butler -Stamp- Kuroshitsuji by Idellechi Prussia x Austria Stamp by carkiechu :thumb187360287: RomaxGermania stamp by devianita Pagan Stamp by secretwindow KoreBel Stamp by xhikkux I laugh at fandom haters by prosaix I laugh at religious freaks by prosaix Hindsight by prosaix Rock Music Stamp by Davidgtza2 + Belarus/Liehctenstein support stamp + by KikiNaty MOE. by AlchemyOtaku17 .Stamp. Stamps Collect You by KillMePleaseGod I .heart. Japan Stamp by SakuraStars .: Stamps OC :. by Seppyo No reason to call me 'emo' by Over-My-Head41 I Support Yuri Thats Not Porn by Over-My-Head41 Adam Lambert Fan by Senzi Mindless Self Indulgence Stamp by Lady-Tuuli Stamp: KoreaxHong Kong by Janbearpig Mindless Self Indulgence Stamp by Lady-Tuuli Spain x  Romano STAMP by dennybuttCom - Hetalia by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me:thumb305158937::thumb305158153:Hetalia Fandom stamp by FearlessLullaby :thumb306145189: :thumb305789127: :thumb305789127: The Log-out Stamp by Busiris Bruce Lee by Cubist-Assassin64 :thumb297128853: Mindless Self Indulgence STAMP by Neith-DA BOTDF stamp by zombisu I talk to myself... by prosaix :thumb263702011: OHSHC Stamp by caricaturesque



Where have you been, Wolfie?

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 29, 2013, 10:03 AM

Hi, this is the first time I've been on dA for weeks, and the first journal for months. I'm really sorry!

I haven't been doing much on here, and I've even stopped posting my fanfiction on here. Why? Well, to be honest, I'm losing all interest in dA and if I didn't have a premium account still, I'd've left back in March! I do plan to leave once this premium runs out, but that's not until December.

If you'd like to talk/keep up with me, feel free to follow me @

I guess I'll tell all of you about cosplay plans, because wth you all need SOMETHING to let you know that I didn't die or go into the coma for the past few months.

  • I'm really starting to regret my Nepeta cosplay. I think it's REALLY cute but the face paint is a total pain. I wish I'd've done a human instead, but I don't have any plans for any other Homestuck cosplay in the future, so oh well. What's past is past.
  • I am almost entirely done with my cosplay of Yuki from Tsuritama! I'm excited because this Saturday will be my con-debut of him, as well as my first time cosplaying a guy and carrying props. I really just hope people recognize me ^^;
  • I am going to debut an Austria cosplay at Youmacon! I have a shirt that needs to be fixed, a pair of pants, and a riding crop, so all I need are shoes and a wig (styling that curl in oughta be a blast right)
  • And then, I was invited to be Magical Girl Madoka in a PMMM cosplay group, which I'm really excited about! All I have is a pair of gloves that may possibly work, but I don't need it until late 2014. I hope to have the poofiest skirt ever.

also, my mom's laptop is broken so I might not be on here very much until it's fixed. Gomen!

  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: various k-pop songs
  • Reading: a fantasy book whose name escapes me
  • Watching: Kamisama Kiss
  • Playing: Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney
  • Eating: chicken nuggets
  • Drinking: milk (as always, I s2g I'm secretly a Zahaak)


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I feel the need to revamp two of my old Sonic OCs and turn them into normal furry OCs.. What do you think? 

5 deviants said Awesome!
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